Top Sportsmanlike OMHA Player (Georgina Minor Hockey Association)

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The definition of Sportsmanlike Behaviour is: “behaving in an honourable and appropriate manner; exhibiting fair play”. John Ridell was known for his sportsmanlike manner when he played for Georgina. He played Rep hockey for the Sutton Rangers. John played forward position with finesse and skill that everyone who watched him admired. He was a top player who was there to play hockey and beat the opposing team by the scoreboard. John wouldn’t fight and took minimal penalty minutes. He was only 16 when a motorcycle accident took him from us, but he is remembered for his love of this great sport. This award is presented to an OMHA player who has displayed outstanding sportsmanlike behaviour throughout the season and to whom the following may apply: • Minimal penalty minutes • Ability to see what is best for the team; not just the individual • Ability to see beyond the scoreboard and to continue to give 100%
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