Schedule & Results, 2016-2017 Sylvia Tremblett Memorial AA Silverstick, 16-17 (Georgina Minor Hockey Association)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Thursday, November 17, 2016
PeeWee B (XOVER)34:50 PMBP Aurora Tigers10-0Georgina Blaze 2
PeeWee B755:20 PMGP Newmarket Redman2-2Innisfil Winterhawks
Bantam A26:00 PMWP Toronto Royals 2-5Barrie Colts
Bantam C46:00 PMBP Humber Valley Sharks3-1Markham Waxers
PeeWee A276:30 PMGP Georgina Blaze3-5Leaside Flames
Bantam A67:25 PMWP Whitby Wildcats2-4Richmond Hill Stars
Bantam B77:25 PMBP Newmarket Redman1-4Georgina Blaze
Midget A87:40 PMGP Humberview Huskies2-1Ajax Knights
Midget C108:50 PMBP Barrie Colts2-2Vaughan Rangers Sr.
Midget B128:50 PMWP Vaughan Panthers1-3Toronto Aeros
Bantam C59:05 PMGP Aurora Tigers1-4West Hill Golden Hawks
Midget A1110:15 PMWP Georgina Blaze0-3Aurora Tigers
Midget C1310:15 PMBP Markham Islanders2-2Whitby Wildcats
Friday, November 18, 2016
Novice C167:30 AMGP MARKHAM WAXERS1-7Oakville Rangers
Novice B158:10 AMWP Aurora Tigers2-1Newmarket Redmen
Atom A178:10 AMBP Ajax Knights0-3North Toronto
Atom A198:40 AMGP Toronto Royals2-2North York Knights
Atom B209:20 AMBP GEORGINA BLAZE2-1Barrie Colts
Novice A249:20 AMWP Barrie Colts2-1Georgina Blaze
PeeWee A579:50 AMGP Vaughan Rangers1-1Leaside Flames
Atom B1810:30 AMWP Belle River Jr Canadiens4-3Vaughan Rangers
PeeWee A2310:30 AMBP Toronto Eagles2-1Georgina Blaze
Novice B2511:00 AMGP Aurora Tigers3-1Whitby WildCats
Novice C2611:40 AMBP MARKHAM WAXERS2-6Clarington Toros
Bantam B3011:40 AMWP London Junior Knights3-0Stouffville Clippers
PeeWee C2812:10 PMGP Don Mills Mustangs1-2Mississauga Braves
Novice A3312:50 PMBP Barrie Colts1-6Kingston Canadians
Bantam A431:05 PMWP Toronto Royals 1-1Richmond Hill Stars
Atom A311:20 PMGP North Toronto 4-0Mississauga North Stars
Atom B322:00 PMBP Vaughan Rangers3-5Uxbridge Stars
Novice B342:30 PMGP Newmarket Redmen5-3Whitby WildCats
Bantam C452:30 PMWP Aurora Tigers0-3Humber Valley Sharks
Novice C353:10 PMBP Clarington Toros0-3Oakville Rangers
Atom B373:40 PMGP Barrie Colts4-3Belle River Jr Canadiens
PeeWee D293:55 PMWP Vaughan Panthers3-2Goulding Park Rangers
Atom A384:20 PMBP Toronto Royals5-2Mississauga North Stars
Novice A4:55 PMGP Kingston Canadians9-0Georgina Blaze
Atom A365:05 PMWP North York Knights7-1Ajax Knights
Bantam B415:30 PMBP London Junior Knights6-1Newmarket Redman
Bantam A406:00 PMGP Barrie Colts4-1Whitby Wildcats
Atom B396:15 PMWP GEORGINA BLAZE0-3Uxbridge Stars
Bantam B446:55 PMBP Stouffville Clippers2-4Georgina Blaze
Bantam C427:25 PMGP West Hill Golden Hawks2-1Markham Waxers
PeeWee D627:25 PMWP Mississauga Terriers5-1Markham Islanders
Midget B478:20 PMBP TED REEVE THUNDER1-0Vaughan Panthers
Midget C488:35 PMWP Vaughan Rangers Sr.3-1Markham Islanders
Midget A468:50 PMGP Ajax Knights6-0Georgina Blaze
Midget C519:45 PMBP Whitby Wildcats4-4Barrie Colts
Midget A4910:00 PMWP Aurora Tigers1-1Humberview Huskies
Saturday, November 19, 2016
Novice A (XOVER)527:00 AMBP MARKHAM WAXERS2-0Georgina Blaze
Atom A537:00 AMWP North Toronto 6-0Toronto Royals
Atom B547:30 AMGP Vaughan Rangers1-1GEORGINA BLAZE
Atom A558:10 AMBP Mississauga North Stars2-2North York Knights
Atom B568:10 AMWP Uxbridge Stars0-2Barrie Colts
PeeWee B (XOVER)8:40 AMGP Don Mills Mustangs3-1Newmarket Redman
PeeWee B599:20 AMWP Innisfil Winterhawks5-0Georgina Blaze 2
Novice B (XOVER)679:25 AMBP Barrie Colts1-3Aurora Tigers
PeeWee A739:50 AMGP Toronto Eagles2-4Vaughan Rangers
PeeWee D2110:30 AMWP Vaughan Panthers3-1Mississauga Terriers
PeeWee D6110:30 AMBP Markham Islanders1-4Goulding Park Rangers
Atom A6311:00 AMGP Toronto Royals3-1Ajax Knights
Atom B6411:40 AMBP GEORGINA BLAZE3-2Belle River Jr Canadiens
Novice A (XOVER)6511:40 AMWP MARKHAM WAXERS2-7Kingston Canadians
Novice C (XOVER)6612:10 PMGP Whitby WildCats2-3Oakville Rangers
PeeWee C (XOVER)12:50 PMWP Innisfil Winterhawks1-4Mississauga Braves
PeeWee B5812:50 PMBP Georgina Blaze 20-10Newmarket Redman
Atom A691:20 PMGP North Toronto 2-0North York Knights
Atom B702:00 PMBP Barrie Colts1-0Vaughan Rangers
Atom A712:00 PMWP Ajax Knights3-6Mississauga North Stars
Atom B722:30 PMGP Belle River Jr Canadiens2-3Uxbridge Stars
PeeWee C603:10 PMBP Don Mills Mustangs1-1Aurora Tigers
PeeWee A743:10 PMWP Vaughan Rangers5-0Georgina Blaze
Bantam B833:40 PMGP Stouffville Clippers1-4Newmarket Redman
PeeWee D14:20 PMWP Markham Islanders0-4Vaughan Panthers
PeeWee A764:20 PMBP Toronto Eagles1-5Leaside Flames
Bantam B805:00 PMGP London Junior Knights2-1Georgina Blaze
PeeWee D1b5:30 PMWP Goulding Park Rangers2-1Mississauga Terriers
Bantam A795:30 PMBP Richmond Hill Stars1-1Barrie Colts
Bantam C816:20 PMGP Humber Valley Sharks4-1West Hill Golden Hawks
PeeWee C776:40 PMWP Mississauga Braves3-2Aurora Tigers
Bantam A826:55 PMBP Toronto Royals 1-2Whitby Wildcats
Novice C (XOVER)7:45 PMWP Newmarket Redmen0-6Clarington Toros
Bantam C847:45 PMGP Aurora Tigers2-3Markham Waxers
Midget A858:15 PMBP Ajax Knights2-3Aurora Tigers
Midget B868:55 PMWP TED REEVE THUNDER7-0Toronto Aeros
Midget C879:00 PMGP Vaughan Rangers Sr.0-3Whitby Wildcats
Midget A889:45 PMBP Humberview Huskies2-1Georgina Blaze
Midget C9010:15 PMGP Barrie Colts3-0Markham Islanders
Sunday, November 20, 2016
Novice A (XOVER)918:00 AMBP Clarington Toros0-4Kingston Canadians
PeeWee A (XOVER)8:30 AMGP Vaughan Panthers1-3Vaughan Rangers
Novice C (XOVER)929:15 AMBP Aurora Tigers0-1Oakville Rangers
PeeWee B (XOVER)9:45 AMGP Mississauga Braves4-2Newmarket Redman
Bantam A (XOVER)10:30 AMBP Georgina Blaze4-3Barrie Colts
Bantam B (XOVER)11:00 AMGP Humber Valley Sharks4-3London Junior Knights
Midget A (XOVER)12:00 PMBP Vaughan Rangers Sr.3-4Aurora Tigers
Midget B (XOVER)12:30 PMGP Whitby Wildcats0-2TED REEVE THUNDER
Novice A (XOVER)921:30 PMBP Oakville Rangers0-5Kingston Canadians
Atom A (XOVER)2:45 PMBP Barrie Colts0-4North Toronto
PeeWee C (XOVER)4:00 PMBP Vaughan Rangers2-3Mississauga Braves
Bantam C (XOVER)5:15 PMBP Georgina Blaze3-8Humber Valley Sharks
Midget A (XOVER)6:45 PMBP TED REEVE THUNDERAurora Tigers
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